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HPD blotter for Aug. 28

POSTED: August 28, 2009 9:27 a.m.
Aug. 4
Criminal trespass, 300 Brantley Drive

Officers noticed a door to a house had been taken off its hinges and was lying on the steps. Upon further investigation, police noted the home, which was empty, had been ransacked. They reported clothing, DVD movie cases, shoes, a computer monitor and papers strewn across the floor in every room of the house. Also strewn about the house were small bits of what appeared to be marijuana.

Obstruction, simple
battery, suspicious acts, 401 Norwood Drive

A Norwood Drive woman told police a man took her son. A police officer reported that when he walked behind the woman’s apartment building, he saw a man holding a small child. The man tried to avoid the officer and walked around another apartment building. The officer went around to the front of the building and met the man as he came around, still holding the child.
The officer ordered the man to put the child down and told the man to lie down on the ground. The man said he did nothing wrong. The officer then reached for the man and the child. The man threw the child down and ran toward E.G. Miles Parkway. He lost a shoe and a backpack when he ran.
The officer was unable to catch the child before he hit the ground, but his mother appeared and picked up her son.
The officer chased the man, but he ran into the woods. The police officer went back to the apartment building to check on the woman and her child. The woman said her son was fine, and the man who ran from police was her husband.
The officer called EMS to examine the child.
A neighbor told the officer the man who fled had thrown something into a trash can behind the apartment where he was initially hiding. The officer found three small bags in the trash that appeared to contain marijuana. The police officer called MACE.
The officer reported that the woman told him her husband had a gun inside the backpack he had dropped. A second neighbor told the officer she saw a female resident from the apartment complex pick up the backpack and shoe. The female resident reportedly took the items to an area gas station.
The police officer reported he would obtain the necessary warrants for the man and for the female resident.

Driving under the
influence of drugs, 206 Bradwell Street

Police officers responded to a call at a local pre-kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten staff told police a man who had come to pick up his child appeared to have inhaled some type of chemical while parked in the pre-kindergarten’s driveway. The man’s car engine was running and he was parked on the curb.
Witnesses told police they saw the man “huffing dust.” Police approached the man, who seemed oblivious to what was going on around him. Police reported that the man’s eyes were dilated to the size of pins. The man was charged with DUI inhalants.
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