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Hinesville Police blotter for Feb. 14

POSTED: March 1, 2007 5:08 a.m.
DUI-open container
Jan. 30, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

Police were dispatched to the parking lot of the Jiffy Lube where a vehicle was blocking one of the service ramps of the business. As police approached  the vehicle, they could hear music blaring from the vehicle, and asked the driver to turn down the volume and exit the vehicle. The driver refused to comply and began rolling up his windows. Even after officers opened the vehicle’s door, the subject refused to cooperate.
Police assisted the driver out of the vehicle and placed him in handcuffs. When officers noticed the subject was unsteady on his feet, they asked the man to take an alco-sensor test but he refused. Police placed him under arrest under the suspicion of driving under the influence.
A search of the vehicle was done and an open container of beer was found. Police interviewed the complainant who stated the driver attempted to enter the service ramp three times and each time he was stopped by employees because he nearly hit the building.
A later alcohol test revealed a level of .077 in the driver’s system.

Drug charges
Feb. 2, 2007
Frank Cochran Drive

Police were dispatched to the Best Western Hotel on Frank Cochran in reference to a dispute in one of the rooms. Police arrived at the scene and knocked on the door of the room and heard someone inside stating “Leave, just leave.” Police knocked again and identified themselves and waited for the door of the room to be opened. A man opened the door and police could hear a woman in the room crying. Police entered the room and noticed something that appeared to be a marijuana cigarette on top of the microwave oven. Upon further investigation, they discovered plastic baggies with a white powdery substance inside. They also found $3,500 in cash on the man. The couple was placed under arrest for possible possession of cocaine and marijuana and MACE was notified to take over the investigation.
Entering an automobile
Feb. 7, 2007
Memorial Drive, Hinesville

A complainant advised police that his friend placed a white legal-sized envelope with $1,200 cash inside under a passenger-side floor mat. Later, when he went to retrieve the envelope and discovered it was missing. The complainant’s friend stated she did place the envelope with the money under the mat and thought she locked the vehicle’s door. Police found evidence of a forced entry into the vehicle.

Possession of marijuana
Feb. 6, 2007
Pafford Street, Hinesville

While patrolling the area police came upon a vehicle parked in the parking lot of Bradwell Institute. Police observed two male occupants and could see observed the driver smoking something. Police made contact with the driver and noticed his eyes were bloodshot and he was slow in his responses. When questioned, the driver admitted he was smoking marijuana and produced a plastic bag that contained his supply. He was placed under arrest.

Theft by taking
Feb. 8, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

Complainant advised police  a customer in a 2003 Black Chevy Cavalier, had pumped $27.50 worth of gas and then drove off without paying. Police spotted the vehicle traveling east on Highway 84 with the gas cap open and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle admitted he left without paying and that he had two shotguns in the trunk of his car because he wanted to kill himself. Police asked the driver if he wanted to seek help and he stated he did. The driver was transported to Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah and police placed the weapons into the evidence locker.
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