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Hinesville Police Department blotter

POSTED: March 29, 2012 7:00 a.m.

March 17: A woman needing assistance with her vehicle was the victim of theft when a couple offered to help her and instead ran off with $40 of her cash. While attempting to fix her car at an auto store on Oglethorpe Highway, the woman said she was approached by the couple. They offered her assistance. The coolant she needed was out of stock at the store she was parked at and the couple offered to go to another store on Highway 196 and make the purchase for her. They took her money and never returned.

March 19

A man was taken to the Liberty County jail after a bench warrant was issued for his failure to appear in court. Hinesville Police Department officers patrolling the area of Welborn Street and Gen. Screven Way recognized the man from a previous shoplifting incident and asked the man his name. The officer reported he gave a false last name and used a false Georgia Department of Corrections ID. Another officer was dispatched to the scene with photos that established the man’s true identity. Police say the man refused to comply with the officers and kicked one of the officers in the shin before he was placed into the patrol car and taken to jail.

While shooting at glass bottles with a BB gun, a young boy accidentally shot his friend in the side. The boy was shooting in his backyard when he said some BBs missed their target and went through a hole in his fence, striking his neighbor in the side. The neighbor told his mother and she took him to the hospital where an X-ray showed the BBs were lodged in his body and would require surgical removal. Police spoke to the young boy’s mom and explained how her son accidentally shot his neighbor. The victim’s family is not pressing charges.

March 20

A combination of pain medication and too much alcohol reportedly was to blame when an argument between a mother and her daughter escalated. The daughter said she and her mother were verbally arguing when her mother suddenly started yanking her hair. The girl’s sister heard the commotion and ran across the street to get help from a neighbor. The neighbor called police and went across the street, where he stopped the mother from pulling the girl’s hair.

March 23

According to a clerk at a local motel, one of their guests paid for a two-night stay with eight $20 bills. After she gave the guest the key to the room, the clerk checked the bills with a marker and found them to be counterfeit. She said she called the guest back and told her the money was counterfeit and said she had to return the key. The guest said she had just cashed a check at a nearby convenience store and demanded the money back. The clerk refused and the guest left the premises. The alleged counterfeit money was entered into evidence.

A Hinesville convenience store owner told police he was robbed at knifepoint Friday. The man said he was robbed of his cell phone and Seiko watch, valued at $800, plus $90 cash was taken from the cash register. A couple about to enter the store at the time said they saw a black male leave the store and begin running. They also said they saw the store owner rush out the door and chase after him, shouting, “Call 911. He has a knife!”

March 24

A woman called the Hinesville Police Department when she returned to her parents’ home to find the front door open. She also noted the screen to a nearby window had been removed, and the window was open. She told police she left home at
5 p.m. and returned at 11:30 p.m. A pistol, two televisions, a laptop and a bracelet were reported stolen.

A suspect was taken into custody following an investigation into the theft of a window air-conditioning unit. The investigating officer noted the electric lines and copper tubes had been cut. A suspect was stopped when police saw a pickup matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle with a window air-conditioning unit in the back. The suspect told officers he worked for a heating and air-conditioning company and was taking the unit to Jesup to be repaired. When the officer noted his insurance card was expired, the suspect said he had an active card in his truck. On viewing the inside of the vehicle, the officer could smell marijuana. A search found the drug and the suspect was arrested.

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