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HPD blotter

POSTED: September 1, 2012 7:00 a.m.

July 21: Possession of alcohol by a minor — An officer driving on South Main Street saw a man and woman fighting and pulled his car over. As he approached, they began walking away.

The officer told them to stop and come back. He noticed the woman, who had blood on her shirt, dumping the contents of a cup on the ground. The officer asked why they had been fighting. They replied they were friends and that was “what they did.” The female told the officer the blood on her shirt came from a scrape on her arm that happened earlier and claimed the cup contained Sprite.

The officer smelled alcohol coming in the cup, asked the two for IDs and found them to be underage. They were taken to the Hinesville Police Department and cited for possession of alcohol by a minor.

During processing, the man vomited. EMS workers were called and told the officer the teenager did not have a life-threatening condition. Both people were cited and released on their own recognizance.

July 29

Public drunkenness — Police responded to a call of a woman knocking on doors in a neighborhood.

The responding officer said the woman was very intoxicated and unable to speak coherently. He put her in his patrol car and she told him the driver of a Yellow Cab parked nearby had picked her up from a “boobie bar” and asked for sex. She told the officer she just needed a ride to her home on Jetta Road, although her ID said she lived on Brett Drive.

The woman was arrested for public drunkenness and during transport began cursing at the officer, calling him names and claiming she had been raped.

The woman was uncooperative at the jail and refused to sign the citation, again claiming she’d been raped. She was given a bond of $276 and a court date of Aug. 15.

The officer returned to the home where the cab had been parked, but it was no longer in the driveway. A woman in the home said her nephew drives the taxi and he was at work.

Terroristic threats — A man and his wife called police after the man’s ex-wife reportedly threatened to cut his current wife’s throat. The couple said they’d been having trouble with the ex-wife over a child-custody dispute.

When the ex-wife called the couple’s home to speak to her child, she reportedly cursed and told the man’s wife she was “going to sleep with your husband” and “cut you from ear to ear.”

The couple worried the woman would arrive at their residence and cause a disturbance.

The police department in the city where the ex-wife lives was notified of the ongoing dispute and threats.

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