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HPD blotter

POSTED: October 11, 2012 7:00 a.m.

Sept. 12: Unruly juvenile — A Hinesville woman called police when she said she heard a lot of unusual noise coming from the bedroom of a juvenile who lived in the home. The woman told the juvenile to unlock the bedroom door and found that the window had been opened and the juvenile had placed a backpack filled with her clothes on the ground outside the window. The juvenile reportedly said she was going to run away. The woman then called 911. A representative at the Department of Juvenile Justice advised the responding officer to release the juvenile back to the woman who called 911. The woman was told the Department of Juvenile Justice would contact her later.

Obstruction of an officer — An officer was called to a Hinesville neighborhood where a resident reportedly had been cussing out other residents and throwing animal feces on her neighbors’ porches. A woman told the officer that she didn’t know which of her neighbors had been letting their dog relieve itself on her lawn, but it was an ongoing occurrence. The officer told the woman he’d cite her if she didn’t clean up the waste she’d been throwing.

The woman cleaned up some of the animal waste, and the officer told her she had to clean up the rest of it. She finally picked up the rest and was told by the officer to standby. However, she refused and tried to leave.

While the officer tried to arrest the woman for obstructing an officer, the woman’s 19-year-old son attempted to interfere. While the officer tried to fend off the son, the woman broke free and ran back to her front porch. The officer caught up to her and managed to get one handcuff on her left wrist. The woman fell to the ground and allowed herself to become dead weight. As the officer struggled with her, the woman’s son again attempted to interfere. The officer again was able to fend off the son.

Backup had arrived by then and another officer helped the first officer handcuff the woman, who claimed the first officer had pushed her, dragged her and broken her leg. The officers offered to call EMS for the woman, but she refused because she didn’t have health insurance. The woman then stood with help and allowed one of the officers to examine her leg. No injuries were visible.

The woman walked unassisted to the officer’s patrol car and was taken to the police department, where she was processed and cited for disorderly conduct and obstruction of an officer.

Sept. 13: Verbal dispute — An officer was dispatched to Baytree Apartments, where a woman said her boyfriend began drinking alcohol after they arrived home from Liberty Regional Medical Center. Due to her medical condition, the woman reportedly told her boyfriend she needed him to sober up and be supportive. He began arguing with her, so the woman said she was leaving. As she walked out of the apartment complex, the man began following her in a vehicle. When she refused to get in the car with him — because he’d been drinking — the man reportedly bumped the woman with the vehicle’s bumper. She turned and headed back to their apartment, but her boyfriend arrived first and locked her out. A nearby resident told her that the police had been called. The woman retrieved a key to the apartment from her vehicle, but when she got inside she found her boyfriend had exited through the back sliding-glass door.

The woman told the responding officer that her boyfriend did not intentionally bump her with the car. She said she was not injured and their fight was not physical. The woman was told to call police if she needed additional assistance.

Vicious animal — An officer on foot patrol near General Stewart Way was approached by a man who said a brown and black dog had run into his residence, knocked down his infant child and began to attack his dog. As the two dogs were fighting, the man tried to separate them and eventually threw the brown and black dog out the door. The dog bit the man as he struggled with it, putting a small puncture wound in the man’s foot. The man refused EMS treatment.

As the officer tried to catch the dog, he encountered the dog’s owner, who claimed the dog escaped from his residence through a broken door and had never bitten anyone before. The dog’s owner was cited for having a vicious dog and violating the leash law. He was given a court date.

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