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Hinesville Police Department blotter

POSTED: November 1, 2012 8:00 a.m.

Oct. 8: Obstruction of an officer — An officer patrolling Honey Lane Circle heard noises that sounded like gun shots or fireworks. Just after he heard the noise, a call came from dispatch to investigate. He noticed a black truck leaving the area at a high rate of speed, so he followed. After a chase, the truck’s driver pulled over in the parking lot of Clyde’s on E.G. Miles Parkway. The suspect disobeyed the officer’s commands to get on the ground, so the officer sprayed him with oleoresin capsicum (i.e. pepper spray).

The suspect was arrested and led to the officer’s patrol car, where he proceeded to kick out the rear passenger window. The suspect was taken to the police department, where he was decontaminated, processed and transported to the Liberty County Jail to await his first-appearance hearing.

Oct. 9

Aggravated sexual battery — A woman driving on Veterans Parkway waved down an officer on patrol and told him she’d just been sexually assaulted during a get-together at a nearby mobile home. The woman said other guests left the home she was at, and a man she did not know became physically abusive, reportedly hitting her several times, throwing her into a coffee table, preventing her from leaving the home, removing her clothes and trying to force himself on her. The woman said she fought the man off, grabbed her dress, ran outside to her vehicle and drove off, leaving her purse and undergarments behind.

The woman was taken to the police department for an interview, and officers went to the mobile home to investigate but could not make contact with anyone. The investigation is open.

Oct. 10

Burglary — A mobile home resident on E.G. Miles Parkway reported that her $700 flat-screen TV was stolen from her home. Officers found a tire near a window, which appeared to have some pry marks.

Bomb threat — The Bradwell Institute principal reported that a bomb threat was found on an index card in a men’s restrooms in the 200 hall. There were no known suspects at the time.

Terroristic threats, pointing gun at another, simple assault — A man reported that another man pulled a gun on him and a friend as they left Hibbett Sports around 7 p.m. The alleged gunman reportedly took off toward Walmart, and the complainant said he had come into contact with the other man on a previous occasion. Witnesses reported they saw the confrontation, but did not see a weapon, though it appeared the aggressor was trying to pull something from his pants. Others were briefed on the case.

Theft by shoplifting — A Bealls Outlet surveillance employee reported a theft in progress, and officers intercepted the suspects in the parking lot. A woman was arrested and cited for shoplifting for leaving the store with $82 in unpaid merchandise. The woman, already on probation for felony shoplifting, posted an $812 cash bond.

Oct. 11

Suspicious vehicle — A resident in the 800 block of Malibu Lane reported a blue-green pickup truck had lingered in front of her home the previous day as she walked with a friend. As she neared the residence, the vehicle drove by, and the driver smiled a “creepy” smile, she said. The woman and her mother looked at a sex-offender registry and found a photograph of the man who they believe was driving the truck. The mother said she had reported the man as a prowler in the past. The officer said he would place the house on a checklist and share the information with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Suspicious activities — A Rolland Street resident reported that someone has been entering her home during the day and taking items such as frozen fish, ice-cream cones, pants, blouses and undershirts. The officer did not see signs of forced entry.

Oct. 12

Theft by conversion — A Rent-a-Center manager reported that a client lapsed on payments of more than $9,330 worth of electronics, including four televisions and seven computers.

Recovered stolen property, fraudulent activity, simple battery — Officers confiscated a stolen gun and a fraudulent check after responding to a false call about armed robbery at the Little Caesar’s on Gen. Screven Way. The call went out after family members got into an altercation over splitting a fraudulent check that some believed was a grant check for school and others believed was a tax return. During the altercation, it was revealed that one of the parties involved was carrying an illegal weapon.

Oct. 15

Theft by taking — A resident on Meredith Lane reported two 200 CC go-carts stolen from his backyard between Oct. 13 and Oct. 16. He said the go-carts, valued at $1,500 each, were secured together with a cable and padlock. The officer talked to a resident in Oak Crest subdivision who reported having seen a large black trailer in the neighborhood that was carrying two black go-carts Oct. 15. He showed the man a picture of the go-carts, and he confirmed they looked like the ones he saw in the trailer. He did not get a description of the trailer or the vehicle pulling it.

Oct. 17

Obstruction, hit and run — A resident on Gloucester Drive in Midway contacted the Hinesville Police Department, claiming she was a victim of a hit-and-run. She said while she shopping in Walmart, someone hit her car that was parked in the parking lot. The officer confirmed there were scratches on the car door, consistent with a blunt force. He asked her to accompany him back to Walmart to show him where she was parked so he could check the store’s cameras.

The officer’s report noted “her eyes opened wide and she hesitated.” She decided she didn’t want to file a report, but the officer told her he’d have to check the store’s cameras anyway now that the police were involved.

She finally admitted she wasn’t at Walmart but Sonic, where she accidentally opened her car door into a serving tray. She said she didn’t want to get in trouble with her husband. The woman was then arrested for obstruction.

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