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Hinesville Police Department blotter

POSTED: November 10, 2012 7:00 a.m.

Oct. 24: Criminal trespass — A man has been banned from the Clyde’s convenience store on Gen. Screven Way. The store associate called police to report the man often drinks soda from the soda fountain, always refilling without paying for it. She requested the man to leave but he refused, so she called police. The police told the man his is no longer welcomed at the store and should not return.

Oct. 25

Vicious dog — A couple said they witnessed their neighbor’s dog viciously attack a cat. The couple said their neighbor’s dog is always escaping the backyard, frequently ending up in their yard. The dog was seen holding the cat in its mouth and violently shaking his head. Police did find the injured cat but it ran and hid as they tried to catch it.

Oct. 26

Entering auto — Four different vehicles parked at Magnolia Plantation Court Apartments appeared to have been entered. Three of the cars were found with the glove boxes opened and several items strewn throughout the front seats, but according to three car owners, nothing seemed to be missing. The fourth owner said she was missing her iPod that was in her car.

Burglary – forced entry — After spending a week away doing field training, a soldier returned home to find her back door had been pried open and her house burglarized. The soldier reported her 47-inch flat screen TV, lap top computer, two gaming consoles, some jewelry and other items were missing. Police found evidence confirming the back door was forced open.

Battery — Hospital staff at Liberty Regional Medical Center notified police of a patient that had sustained injuries during a fight. When police arrived the woman said it was her sister who beat her up but she didn’t want to press charges. The woman said she was severely drunk and was being obnoxious toward her sister, enticing the fight.

Domestic problem — Police responded to a domestic disturbance when a woman reported she felt her husband might try and commit suicide. She said they had not been getting along and she told him she wanted to leave him. The man told police he has some issues he is dealing with since returning from deployment. He said he took his medicine and felt better and wasn’t going to harm himself. As a precaution the man offered to let police hold his guns until he was sure he was OK.

Oct. 27

Terrorist threats — An employee at Shane’s Rib Shack said she received a threatening phone call at work regarding her co-worker and boyfriend. She said the unknown caller asked if her boyfriend was at work. She replied that he had not arrived yet. She said the caller, who sounded like a male, identified himself as her boyfriend’s father and said he was going to put a shotgun in his son’s mouth and blow his head off. The female employee told police the phone does not have caller ID, and she wasn’t sure who the caller was.

Simple battery — A woman claimed that the security guard at Jennifer’s Big Apple hit her twice and made her fall as she was leaving the club. She said the guard knocked a cigarette out of her hands and told her she needed to leave. She said as she was walking away the guard hit her twice, causing her to fall. The guard told police he was escorting the woman out of the club because she was trying to roll and smoke a marijuana cigarette. He said he never hit the woman but claimed the woman hit him in the shoulder with her shoes and slapped him in the head. Police did not see any injuries on either party.

Theft of services — A Yellow Cab taxi driver told police he was stiffed when a man took off without paying the fare. The cab driver said he picked up a male and female and drove to a residence at Georgia Avenue. The man exited the car and soon came back, saying he needed to go to Regency Place. When they arrived at Regency, the man exited the cab again, leaving the female in the car and swiftly disappeared into the breezeway. The man never returned. The woman said she didn’t know the man’s name. The man owed $12.31.

Simple battery — A woman threw her husband’s cell phone against the wall and busted the headlights of his Nissan after learning that he had been cheating on her. The husband said his wife picked up his cell phone and found text messages from his lover. When confronted, he said he finally admitted he had been with another woman for some time and that their marriage was over. The woman, who was drunk at the time, proceeded to smash the cell phone against the wall, went outside and grabbed a hammer and busted the head lights. She was arrested and taken to jail.

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