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‘Now You See Me’ isn’t really magical

POSTED: June 7, 2013 8:39 a.m.

Last weekend, three major films opened in theaters. It was difficult to pick just one to see, but I ended up answering the call to pick a card, any card, with the cast of the magical caper film, “Now You See Me.”
Did it mesmerize? I’ll fill you in.

In the film, annoyed FBI agent Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) is tasked with cracking how a hip band of illusionists robbed a bank in Paris during their Las Vegas show, a la “Ocean’s Eleven.” His investigation is further complicated when the first heist proves to be part of a much larger plot.

The magicians, known as the Four Horseman, are portrayed by Woody Harrelson, fast-talking Jesse Eisenberg, beautiful Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco, actor James Franco’s younger brother.

But is a fifth Horseman calling the shots behind the scenes, and could that person be the beguiling French Interpol agent (Melanie Laurent) supposedly assisting Dylan? That’s the question.

Also in the film are Common, who plays Dylan’s boss; Michael Caine, who is the Horsemen’s financier; and Morgan Freeman, who is a world-famous magic debunker.

Just like “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Now You See Me” is mostly entertaining and engaging. I say mostly, because it isn’t all that difficult to narrow down who the fifth Horseman is, though there’s nothing up my sleeve and I haven’t revealed any spoilers.

All in all, for all its flash and fun, the film is pretty pointless with a thin ending, which might mean a sequel is being planned. If that’s the case, then a dynamic writer is going to be necessary to flesh out our characters just a little bit more and make that lame ending make a bit more sense.

Because it was only so-so, I have to say I’m not a fan.

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