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God helps you on your journey

POSTED: January 21, 2014 9:00 p.m.

In a few weeks, I will have yet another birthday and will be a little older than I was before.
It also means that I will have a little less time to fulfill the purpose God has for me. I do believe God has a plan for everyone, and the sad thing is that many never seek him, neglect to find what it is and never fulfill it. Part of that plan is to get right with God, and the only way to accomplish this is to decide to be a Christ-follower. Then the journey begins, in which we find out what ministry we should be involved in as we are used to meet others’ needs and lead people to be in a right relationship with God.
Some start the journey but get distracted and veer off course, while some start out late in life and can fulfill only part of God’s original purpose. The Apostle Paul was able to say at the end of his ministry that he had fought a good fight and had finished the course that God had laid out for him. I want to finish well and to stay on course for the remaining days God has given me here on this Earth.
What about you? Have you even started the journey? The good news is that if you still are breathing, God can and will save you. If you have started the journey, are you still on course or have you allowed the cares of this world to knock you off course?
My prayer for you is that you ask the Lord to forgive you, jump back on the wagon and push on ahead. May God help us all to finish well.

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