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Candidate best-equipped to represent us has military experience

Letter to the Editor

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POSTED: July 7, 2014 12:00 p.m.

There are approximately 70,000 veterans who served in the military in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District. If spouses and voting-age children are counted, that number probably goes somewhere to around the 200,000-plus range.
That’s 200,000 neighbor veterans (I’m including spouses and children, since they had to live through the burdens of military service as well — truly unsung heroes) who have, up until very recently, been receiving the “short end of the stick” for the mere fact they supported our country with unselfish service.
Rep. Jack Kingston is a very vocal and supportive advocate of veterans, but it took us a couple years to educate him.
The nuances of military service and the benefits that veterans — particularly disabled veterans — are allotted are things that aren’t easily comprehended unless you’ve walked the walk and talked the talk.
When you have to explain to someone what a CIB, FSB, FOB, LZ or PH is, you know you’ve got a lot of teaching to do.
There is only one candidate — D, I or R — running to replace Kingston whom we won’t have to spend years educating to continue the fight for veterans and their families. That’s Bob Johnson.
As a practice, I’ve never pledged my unwavering support to any political party, but opt to support the individual who will best serve those who have already served.
I urge all my 200,000 compatriot neighbors to support and vote for Bob Johnson in the upcoming election and again in November.

— Bruce A. McCartney


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