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Book review: Dan Wells provides hysterical satirical fiction in 'Extreme Makeover'

"EXTREME MAKEOVER" by Dan Wells, Tom Doherty Associates, $17.99, 415 pages (f)

November 15, 2016 | Madelynn Conrad Deseret News | Hot Topics

Book review: Brandon Mull's new Fablehaven book gives readers the chance to co-author

"FABLEHAVEN BOOK OF IMAGINATION," by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain, $14.99, 156 pages (f) (ages 8 and up)

November 13, 2016 | Tori Ackerman Deseret News | Hot Topics

Tips for live tweeting TV

TV LAND — In today’s TV-watching climate, there are so many options for experiencing television it’s almost ridiculous.

November 13, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

How to support a friend who has a miscarriage

If you lose your parents, you’re an orphan. If you lose your spouse, you’re a widow. There are no words to describe the loss of a child.

November 11, 2016 | Asma Rehman | Hot Topics

5 political episodes to watch to get you ready for Election Day

TV LAND — The best political show on television is, bar none, "Parks and Recreation." It’s the best not only for its satirical comedy about our government’s systems, but for its incredible relationships between every character.

November 08, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

Book review: Spy thriller meets teen romance in Robin M. King's 'Memory of Monet'

"MEMORY OF MONET," by Robin M. King, Walnut Springs Press, $16.99, 280 pages (f)

November 07, 2016 | Kent Larson Deseret News | Hot Topics

Elizabeth Stone's '40 Moons' captures the anguish of losing a parent

For centuries, artists have crafted external validations of their most intimate and loving relationships, with examples ranging from the colossal Taj Mahal to the traditional "Whistler’s Mother." Alongside such grand gestures of affection, artists often capture the tragic effects of loss and longing.

November 01, 2016 | Scotti Hill Deseret News | Hot Topics

New novel 'The Sun is Also a Star' discusses the art, science behind love

New York Times best-selling author Nicola Yoon is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who believes that “you can fall in love in an instant and that it can last forever,” according to the back cover of her newest young adult novel, “The Sun is Also a Star” (Penguin Random House, $18.99).

November 01, 2016 | Kelsey Schwab Adams Deseret News | Hot Topics

Book review: 'The President's Book of Secrets' delves into presidential intelligence briefings

"THE PRESIDENT'S BOOK OF SECRETS: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America's Presidents From Kennedy to Obama," by David Priess, PublicAffairs, $16.99, 400 pages (nf)

November 01, 2016 | Ryan D. Curtis Deseret News | Hot Topics

13 spooky Halloween episodes to watch

TV LAND — Halloween movies get a lot of attention, and are often seen as the makers of the holiday itself. Witches, goblins and ghouls abound in feature-length, fright-filled options.

October 27, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

5 of the best late night TV shows

TV LAND — If you enjoy celebrity interviews, social commentary, comedy and a lot of silliness, you probably love post-10-p.m. television offerings.

October 26, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

Teal Pumpkin Project helps kids with candy allergies find Halloween treats that work for them

Teal is the new orange, according to a national organization dedicated to helping kids with food allergies enjoy the holidays.

October 26, 2016 | Rachel Fabbi Deseret News | Hot Topics

Author Aprilynne Pike creates an anti-heroine to root for

One day while watching one of her favorite series on TV, author Aprilynne Pike felt a little dissatisfied with how the characters were developing and the story was turning out.

October 25, 2016 | Tara Creel Deseret News | Hot Topics

'The Immortal Throne' tells story of modern-day Hades and Persephone

Bree Despain always loved writing, and as a child would create her own "novels" with folded papers stapled together.

October 23, 2016 | Tori Ackerman Deseret News | Hot Topics

What is the meaning of your child's Halloween costume?

Tara Gover’s 8-year-old daughter didn’t want to just be a princess for Halloween, but a skeleton princess. She wanted to be both pretty and scary.

October 20, 2016 | Sarah Anderson Deseret News | Hot Topics

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Trump’s Muslim registry that isn’t

The first thing to know about Donald Trump's alleged proposal for a Muslim registry is that it isn't a Muslim registry. This has ...

December 05, 2016 | By Rich Lowry Syndicated Columnist | Hot Topics

Extend holiday gratitude all year round

Reciting a polite “thank you” is one of the first social expectations that parents teach their children. We all know how to answer the question ...

December 03, 2016 | Malissa Morrell | Hot Topics

Calm and bright: Embracing the Christmas journey

This past week, up to my elbows in a burlap table runner, candles, fancy dishes, twine-wrapped utensils and a positively enormous raw turkey, I turned ...

December 01, 2016 | Tiffany Gee Lewis Deseret News | Hot Topics

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

STARS HOLLOW — If ever there were a fictional town that I wanted to live in, it would be the kooky little town of Stars Hollow ...

November 30, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

Cookbook review: 'Scandinavian Gatherings' provides delightful introduction to Nordic culture

"SCANDINAVIAN GATHERINGS: From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast — 70 Simple Recipes & Crafts for Everyday Celebrations," by Melissa Bahen, Sasquatch Books, $24.99, 231 pages

November 30, 2016 | Jennifer Ball Deseret News | Hot Topics

'North Pole Ninjas,' 'Gnome in Your Home' encourage charity, kindness

Three years ago, Sarah Linden said she noticed the spirit of the holiday season slipping away in her family. She wanted to do something to ...

November 28, 2016 | Caresa Alexander Randall Deseret News | Hot Topics

Don’t be your own worst enemy when remodeling

So, you have finally had it with your house. It is too small, too disorganized, too dated, too many unused bedrooms, too ______________ (fill in ...

November 27, 2016 | Annie Schwemmer and Ann Robinson Deseret News | Hot Topics

Fill up on these Thanksgiving TV episodes

TV LAND — Turkey day is an easy one for television since it’s non-denominational and pretty universally celebrated in the good old USA.

November 24, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics

Disney's 'Moana' sails into bookstores

Straight from the ocean isle of Motunui, Disney’s newest princess, Moana, is sweeping in to fill printed pages with her story.

November 23, 2016 | Melissa DeMoux Deseret News | Hot Topics

Kitchen safety: how to keep your family safe during the holidays

It’s the scene in a Rockwell painting: The family is over for Thanksgiving and the house is crawling with rug rats. Friends, family and ...

November 22, 2016 | GARTH Haslem | Hot Topics

5 best 'Teen Wolf' episodes to watch before starting season 6

BEACON HILLS — The final season of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” is underway, which might feel like the wrong time to get involved in the supernatural ...

November 21, 2016 | Amanda Taylor | Hot Topics


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