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Hinesville Firefighter Laid to Rest

Hinesville Fire Department Capt. Ernest “Moe” McDuffie was laid to rest Monday afternoon in his adopted town of Hinesville following a funeral service which celebrated the life of Moe as his friends called him at the Live Oak Church Of God. Hinesville Fire Chief, Lamar Cook told the story of how Moe became employed as a fire fighter in 2001. Cook said Moe applied for an opening in the department from his native Long Island Home through an online advertisement. Taking a train from New York to Hinesville Cook recalled how impressed he was with Moe and made the decision to hire him within minutes of the interview. Moe worked his way up through the ranks from firefighter to the rank of Lt and then later Capt as a fire Marshall. Moe as part of his duties inspected businesses for safety violations as well as investigated business and house fires. Moe’s brother James McDuffie told the hundreds of friends, firefighters who came from throughout the state to pay their respects and family members how proud he was of his little brother. He recalled when Moe was born before getting to the hospital how a firefighter held his baby brother in a blanket and it was recently it dawned on him the baby he watched delivered that day 51 years ago was destined to become a future firefighter.

Added on:

2018-02-26 16:40:21

Video by:

Story by Lewis Levine

Edited by Lawrence Dorsey


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