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Do you think the president should be elected by national popular vote?


MikeLongCounty MikeLongCounty: February 21, 2016 8:34 a.m.

I have no problem with the current electoral college casting the votes. But the way these votes are given I do have a problem with. The electoral college votes should be decided between the candidates based on the percentage of votes that they receive in that state. The winner of the state should not receive all of the votes simply because he or she won the popular vote. If a candidate got 60% of the vote and the state has 10 electoral votes then that person should get 6 votes and the other person get 4.

kohler: February 23, 2016 1:37 p.m.

A survey of Georgia voters showed 74% overall support for the idea that the President should be the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states.

By political affiliation, support for a national popular vote for President was 75% among Republicans, 78% among Democrats, and 67% among others.
By gender, support was 80% among women and 68% among men.
By age, support was 68% among 18-29 year olds, 77% among 30-45 year olds, 74% among 46-65 year olds, and 76% for those older than 65.
By race, support was 77% among whites, 71% among African-Americans, and 67% among others (representing 7% of all respondents).

kohler: February 23, 2016 1:38 p.m.

Although the whole-number proportional approach might initially seem to offer the possibility of making every voter in every state relevant in presidential elections, it would not do this in practice.
It would not accurately reflect the nationwide popular vote;
It would not improve upon the current situation in which four out of five states and four out of five voters in the United States are ignored by presidential campaigns, but instead, would create a very small set of states in which only one electoral vote is in play (while making most states politically irrelevant), and
It would not make every vote equal.
It would not guarantee the Presidency to the candidate with the most popular votes in the country.

A national popular vote is the way to make every person's vote equal and matter to their candidate because it guarantees that the candidate who gets the most votes in all 50 states and DC becomes President.

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