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Sound off for Feb. 5

POSTED: February 5, 2018 2:00 p.m.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"Can anyone tell me if there is an organization for the Women Army Corps or veteran women in Liberty County? I’d like to be involved with a group like that."

"It is a shame when you’re at a restaurant and you have to go hunt for your waitress for a refill, or dip, or something else and the restaurant is empty. They should be ready to help you."

"Don’t we all agree that we should pay cops, not commissioners?"

"President Trump is bragging about all the campaign promises he’s kept. Why is he not bragging about bringing all our soldiers and friends home from Afghanistan? That was a campaign promise too."

"Yet another closer of the 15th Street Gate. When are they going to post a sign at Highway 196 to save someone wanting to go on post that way several miles of driving? It seems logical that they would."

"Donald Trump is the Jim Jones of the Republican Party and a large number with in the party have so willingly drank the presidents poison with little or no forethought. The republic is under attack because of a dishonest man. I love my country; however I have no faith in the current administration. Get out the vote!"

"In the November election, Midway’s mayor and one councilmember swapped places. The new mayor does not know how to handle business."

"Is there any particular reason why Taylors Creek Elementary so infrequently posts the American flag? I just drove by and, again, there is not flag on the pole."

"This sound off is for all those snowflakes who wonder why Mr. Trump won the election. I saw a woman at Walmart buy a birthday cake, paper plates and balloons, and pay with an EBT card. A few days later I saw another woman pay for 3 country boil dinners with her EBT card. And you wonder why Mr. Trump was elected. FYI: I’m a minority."

"Donald Trump is a poor excuse for a human being, let alone for president of this great country. He lacks the ability to get things done, always appears to be clueless and somewhat dysfunctional. The man has little or no knowledge of the United States Constitution."

"The evangelicals have slipped to the lowest slope in the swamp along with their sweetheart of an immoral man , Donald J. Trump, a devil in the grove. If there’s hell below then Trump and his evangelicals are all going to go."

"The chairman of the hospital authority, said that anyone who was spreading rumors about the hospital’s finances should no longer be an employee of the hospital. Instead, administration should publish the hospital’s financials to provide proof of stable finances. Threatening isn’t going to help stop those rumors and it sure isn’t going to improve morale."

"That expected Senate memo says the FBI wrongly targeted Trump campaign staff because of bias. From what has come out about meetings and "contacts" between those staff and Russians I think the FBI would have been negligent to not look into the allegations of collusion."

"Wow, reading the letter thanking a woman for saving a child in the road was heart clinching. I couldn’t imagine the fear in the mothers heart. God Bless you."

"Here’s an idea: Let’s let our politicians have their "retreat" in South Florida this year to see if they can blow some hot air up this way."

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