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Video profiles of the 12 seniors from area high schools who have been chosen as the Liberty Life Magazine's Top Shining Seniors for 2016. They are featured in the April-May edition of the magazine.
Carah Cochrane
Carah Cochrane, FPCA
Look for these seniors' video profiles in the player above. Click on the playlist menu to see the videos offered:
Harley Dawson
Harley Dawson, Long Co. High
Diamond Richardson
Diamond Richardson, Liberty Co. High
Kailyn Taylor
Kailyn Taylor, Long Co. High
Joshua Armour
Joshua Armour, FPCA
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill, FPCA
Will Scaggs
Will Scaggs, Liberty Co. High
MariaElena Lealofi
MariaElena Lealofi, Bradwell
Lyanne Marin-Rodriguez
Lyanne Marin-Rodriguez, Bradwell
McKaylin Darsey
McKaylin Darsey, Bradwell
Sandra Scott
Sandra Scott, Liberty Co. High
Kaitlin Estill
Kaitlin Estill, Long Co. High

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