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A Grinch stole a Christmas tree
EA Grinch4
The thieves apparently cut the tree just above where it was chained to steal it. - photo by Photo provided.
‘Tis the season to be jolly and to show a lot of love by giving – by bringing joy to someone else. Not everyone, however, has a desire to show love and kindness during this special season.
We have seen on the news and read in the newspapers wherein some people use this special time of the year to illegally take from others instead of giving. Taking what belong to others has always been a problem in society, but people are becoming more brazen every day when they decide to pilfer things. One would think a chained, decorated Christmas tree that brought so much joy to others would be safe. Not so, says Linda Hall.
Hall and her husband, the Rev. George Hall, are the owners of Coastal Georgia Garden Center (Nursery) in Midway. The nursery is a common site in the Midway community and has been open for five years. The flowers, plants, and trees are part of the scenery at the nursery, as well as the friendly, cooperative atmosphere.
In the spirit of the holiday season, the Halls decorated a beautiful 9 to 10-foot Frasier Fur Christmas tree. It was lighted very nicely and attracted the attention of many customers and travelers. “People could see it from the road,” Linda Hall said.  
The tree was chained to the nursery’s sign. However, on Friday night, Dec. 7, someone took a chain saw, and stole the decorated Christmas tree, its stand and the star that graced its top.
“If whoever took the tree wanted a Christmas tree, they could have called and we should have worked something out. If there is a child in the home of the person who stole the tree, we pray the child will get some enjoyment from the Christmas tree,” Linda Hall said. “The Christmas season is not just a commercial holiday, it about Jesus Christ’s birth and the gift He gave to the world.”  
Hall said people have come by and asked what happened to the tree.
“I have a friend (Jackie Norby) who is an elementary school bus driver, and she said the children enjoyed looking at the tree and the lights as the rode by on the bus. Even the police officer who came out and took the report was astounded someone would take a Christmas tree,” Linda said. “It not about the monetary value of the tree. It’s the idea someone would take a holy day and disgrace it by stealing a Christmas tree.”
“I am not angry, just hurt and disappointed someone would steal a Christmas tree. We don’t want to cause harm to the person who took the tree, we want God to touch them so they won’t feel the need to steal something from others. We are praying for them and will put them on our prayer list, “she said. 
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