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An amazing discovery in an anatomy class
From China with love
Jorjas Mug Shot
Jorja Wu is an international student from China who attends FPCA in Hinesville. - photo by File photo

I have always thought that the most amazing thing in this world is that our Creator gives us life, and all life begins in the womb.

David wrote in Psalm Chapter 139, praising how God had "knit me together in my mother’s womb."

We had a dissection project recently in anatomy class and, as odd as it may sound, I discovered something that I have never thought of before. Many of us may think that dead animals signify disgusting things or bad luck. On the contrary, I felt awed because they are the evidence of our Creator.

Our anatomy teacher gave each of us a rabbit and explained the procedures for dissection. We cut the plastic protection bag, and then peeled the rabbit out of it. To my surprise, the rabbit that my partner and I got was very big — it was almost as large as a cat! We put the rabbit on the dissecting tray, and started discussing. Looking at the rabbit on the tray, my partner could not help expressing her sympathy.

"Aww, look at her tiny moustache! I don’t want to dissect her. I feel bad about her," my partner said. "She is so cute."

"I know," I said. "I feel the same way as you feel, but this rabbit sacrificed for science. She wanted us to know what is inside her body. So lets start. Don’t let her be disappointed!"

With a grateful and respectful heart, my partner and I took a scalpel and began cutting our rabbit’s tummy. It was more difficult than we thought. Her fur was wet which added difficulties. Therefore, we focused on the midline and finally cut it. After that, we needed to skin the rabbit. We used a dissecting needle to separate the fur from the skin. Later, we got to see all organs inside the rabbit.

Once we finished all these procedures, we were about to clean up everything. Yet, our teacher noticed something special. He found the rabbit’s womb was swollen. In order to see what’s going on, he cut the rabbit’s womb and wiped off all the extra tissues around it.

"Wow, check this out," he said. "This rabbit was pregnant with quints!"

Suddenly, the whole class came to our lab table to see such an amazing discovery! When I looked at the quints, I saw something extremely interesting: each of the fetus bunnies had a different pose in their mother’s womb. There was one with its paws on its cheeks, looking like it was thinking something serious; one had both of its paws on one side of its face like it was sleeping; one had its paws up like it was saying "I love this world that much!" and another was curled up like it was afraid of its siblings.

Everyone was amazed by how cute and expressive they were. I could feel tears in my eyes. Words could not describe my feelings. Our God created all the creatures in this world, and they are expressing their love and appreciation to him in their unique and different ways, like how these baby bunnies posed in the womb. After I focused back on the class, classmates took the fetus bunnies, held them, and were so eager to show other teachers.

Psalm 139:14 says "I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works; and that my soul knows very well." God has created us in his image, and we are perfectly and fearfully made. We should embrace our bodies and lives to honor our heavenly Father.

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