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Beer, bacon and BBQ
1st Baptist Church BBQ butts

There is so many great foodie events coming up, two of which involve some of my most favorite things in the world – BEER and BACON.

We are just days away from the annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest. This year it will be held 2-6 p.m. Sept. 2 at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center.

Have you not been?

Well if you’re a beer lover, like me, YOU MUST GO AT LEAST ONCE.

Dude, I plan to sample every beer they have….all 150 (or more) of them!

I’ve got my ticket. Give me my two-ounce souvenir sampling mug and get the heck out of my way, please.

And the incredibly SMART folks of Savannah have one upped themselves by incorporating Bacon Fest into the same weekend. Well, Bacon Fest is actually Sept. 1-4, but they are smart to have them both on the same weekend.

Bacon Fest will be along River Street. Food vendors are encouraged to think outside the box and make bacon the center of all their appetizers, desserts, entrée and snacks.

Think about it!

Chocolate covered bacon. Shrimp wrapped in bacon. Bacon burgers and bacon wrapped hot dogs. Pork belly and bacon sandwich with ham, and more BACON.

I plan on eating my way through the vendors, then hopping on the ferry and drinking my way through the beer crafters.

It is a great plan, indeed. I should go ahead and book a hotel room for the night while I’m at it. I will likely need to sleep off the food coma and beer. Plus I can wake up the next day and head back for some eggs and BACON.

Then of course we have the 14th annual Blues, Brews and BBQ right here in Hinesville on Sept. 23. This event is free, but bring your cash to buy some of the best barbecue in the county.

GUESS WHAT? I was picked to be one of the judges for the bar-b-que competition this year!

I’m actually doing a little happy dance in my head. I do it every time I am reminded that I get to judge the ’que.

Y’all better bring it. I loves me some ’que and I get to sample all the entries (I’ll need some new stretchy pants for that).

The event starts at 1 p.m. and goes well into the evening. They offer a bottomless glass of beer (another GREAT idea) to help wash down the food (and other beverages too of course, but BEER and BBQ, yep). There will be plenty of fun activities for the kids and a lot of blues music from live bands.

I am excited about being a judge. I’ve been doing my research on it. Did you know there is an actual training course to become a certified BBQ judge for national and international events?

I’m glad it’s barbecue I’m judging. They make you spit out wine during those competitive tastings (wasting the wine, shameful).

Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to remind myself to not lick my fingers in between tastings.

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