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Best things: Holiday food traditions
John Kunda
John Kunda - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones
This week, we asked mechanic and holiday decorator John Kunda to share with us the things he loves about the holidays. Here’s Kunda’s list:

What’s your Thanksgiving ritual? “Dinner in the afternoon, a little football and putting up Christmas lights with the family.”

What is your No. 1 Thanksgiving food? “Turkey. Gotta have the turkey.”

What is the one thing you look forward to the most during the holiday season? “Enjoying the holidays with the family. It’s sad when one can’t be there because of one reason or the other.”

What is the one thing that keeps you decorating for the holidays?
“They ask me why I go out and decorate my house every year and why I get into the holidays so much and I tell them that it is the one way I can pass the spirit on to others on a daily basis.
“To see the joy in the kids’ eyes during the holidays while they stand in front of my house is priceless.”

 What is the one tool every decorator/mechanic should have in their toolbox? “The biggest tool you can have is the holiday spirit in your hands.”
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