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Big crayon to be on display in McDonald's
Sara Ann Swida, one ofthe masterminds behind the world's largest crayon, adjusts the veil after it was revealed at a school rally last month. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Since its creation in late November by local students and volunteers, the world’s largest crayon has made “a big splash,” according to Leah Poole, director of the United Way of Liberty County.
Poole said the crayon, which was labeled “the world’s largest” by a Guinness Book of World Records representative, has been shown on area and national newscasts, featured in local and out-of-town newspapers, and even took a ride in the Hinesville Christmas parade. The 605.5-pound, nearly 10-foot-tall crayon, however, will soon get some much-needed rest.
At 6 p.m. Tuesday, it will be displayed at its new resting place: the McDonald’s on U.S. Highway 84. (It was originally unveiled to the public at Lyman Hall Elementary.)
The celebration will include food specials and games.
Poole said local officials wanted the crayon to be housed in a public place, so that all the children who contributed to it get a chance to see it.  
There are no plans to move it anytime soon.
“It’ll be there for a while,’’ said Poole, who started the crayon project. “It takes 10 to 12 grown men just to move it, and we really want to be careful."
The crayon is taken from place to place in a modified version of its cast mold. Poole said the cast mold is made out of a piece of PVC pipe. It has handles on the outside.
“It’s kind of like carrying a coffin,” she said.
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