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Breaking Dawn is worth the hype
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There’s no hiding it, I’m a “Twilight” fan. Hey, I don’t approve of all the hype. All I know is that while reading Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novels, there were moments where I genuinely felt as if I had been magically transported into Bella Swan’s shoes.
It was like I was falling in love with an old-fashioned fellow with honey-colored eyes … who just happens to live forever. …  As if my best friend was a Native American werewolf. … This is true even if Meyer isn’t the best writer in the world.
The fourth film adaptation is in theaters now. It’s called “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1.”
Was it worth the wait?
Well, if you thought all “Twilight” had to offer was cheesy romantic stares and the overdramatized decision for Bella as to whether she’ll choose Edward or Jacob — if you feel like “Twilight” has zero bite — then you’ve got another thing coming.
Bella does choose Edward. She chooses to marry him, in fact. Then he spirits her away to a romantic honeymoon. What happens next is anything but fairytale romantic. It’s closer to a nightmare. There are consequences for all our choices in life. The consequence for Bella’s path is one killer pregnancy. In her defense, neither she nor her new hubby knew vampires could knock anyone up. Regardless, there still is a mysterious monster growing in Bella’s womb. It is killing her, and even if it doesn’t, the wolves may just kill mother and unborn child together for the protection of mankind.
If you never read the books, if you haven’t kept up with all the movies, then this picture just isn’t for you. We “Twihards” won’t apologize for the awkwardness, the over-the-top sweetness or the bad acting. For us, a treasured story is finally coming to life. And director Bill Condon does an awesome job of it.
I’m a fan.
“Breaking Dawn,” however, isn’t for young children. If you don’t want your kids knowing exactly where babies come from, then you probably don’t want them learning how monsters are born, either. It gets very graphic.
Only this director could make a certain someone’s imprinting seem halfway believable. Awesome use of soundtrack. Awesome use of clips from past films.

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