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Bring on the eggnog, any other festive drinks

If you’ve ever wondered why Rudolph had such a shiny red nose, it’s because that silly reindeer was likely hanging out with me and nipping at the spiked eggnog.

A strong stiff drink or hot toddy helps to soothe and warm my insides during the cold days of winter. As soon as the temperatures start to dip under 40 it’s time to cozy up with a good book and a shot of booze to keep the blood flowing and warm.
Hey, I’m from Miami so yeah…it keeps my blood warm and moving.
I like a variety of drinks but more specifically whisky, rum and bourbon. I’m not talking beer, heck I’ve been drinking beer since way back in the day. Every time my dad asked me to fetch him a beer he would pop it open and offer me the first sip. It’s like water in the whole scope of alcohol.

Like father, like daughter.
My first taste of legally store bought booze (as opposed to hitting dad’s whisky stash at home) was Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps.
It was in the mid-1980s. I had just turned 20. The law in Florida had just changed the legal age to 21 but it had a grandfather clause I qualified for. A friend and I were on our way to the Grove Cinema in Coconut Grove, Miami. The architecturally eclectic building was a movie theater but also set up for stage performances. During that hey-day it was the place where “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” played out every weekend at midnight. This was during the time when the audience dressed the parts and interacted with the screen performance.

We went nearly every weekend and were pros at our costumes and characters. On this particular Friday night we stopped at the liquor store first and picked up a bottle after hearing it tasted like a peppermint candy.
That night at the show we danced the Time Warp, squirted water guns during the rains scenes and just had a grand time. All while nipping away at the schnapps we had hidden in flasks tucked under our costumes.

Worst hangover ever! Thank goodness we were, at the very least, smart enough to sleep in my van for the night and not drive home.
Honestly I don’t recall even walking back to my van, let alone being at the show except for the costume I still had on when I woke up in a stupor. It took all of the next day to recover. Kissing the porcelain God for most of it.

In my defense, I never thought something that tasted like you were drinking a candy cane could be that potent. But that was the last time I drank Peppermint Schnapps for several and I do mean several years.
It also taught me that if it tasted sweet, fruity and barely of alcohol at all I needed to be wary of overdoing it.

You know those drinks….the ones that taste smooth so you order about five more and then you try and stand up…and…nope you’re done. Don’t act like you don’t know. I can see the smirk from here.

But during the holidays I can indulge in all my favorite fruity daiquiris and candy like drinks. Once I’m at my parent’s house my car keys are put away for the duration of my stay. And if I want to go see my brother all I have to do is walk across the street.

It was just a few years ago that I got my first taste of eggnog.
I never thought an egg-based drink would be SO delicious. It has since become my holiday favorite. There are several ways you can mix up a good eggnog drink.
Now, I’m not good at making the egg nog from scratch. But if you have a good base recipe making it from scratch is much better than anything store bought.

But if you’re like me and plan to buy store bought eggnog, make sure you get the best quality you can to stand up to your liquor mix.
I like it best with a spiced rum. But regular rum, bourbon or whisky will do the job in a pinch.
Last year I went to the liquor store and bought a carton of Southern Comfort traditional (non-alcoholic) eggnog and added a splash of…..peppermint schnapps!
Yeah it was the first time I had Peppermint Schnapps since that dreaded incident 30 years prior. But I was safe, not driving and thought it would pair well and taste like the holidays.


I liked it so much that the next one I made had a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The one that followed was also topped with whipped cream.
Don’t ask me what the next one was topped with…I don’t recall but I’m willing to bet it was good.

P.S. Never ever drink and drive. Merry Christmas to you all. I’ll be toasting up some eggnog this weekend and wishing you all the best.

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