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Clean, attractive businesses make a difference
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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There is still time to nominate an attractive business for the quarter.

Win-dex award nominations will be accepted through June 30. Your choice will help recognize businesses that make that extra effort. They do not just provide goods and services; they maintain a clean, attractive appearance that enhances our community. They make all of us look good.

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Keep Liberty Beautiful sponsor the program each quarter. Each quarter, we select two winners: a large business and a small business.

Every business and property owner can keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive. A variety of businesses have been recognized in the last couple of years — offices, retail stores, auto services, car dealerships, schools, churches, restaurants and hotels. Here are reasons previous winners were considered outstanding:

Is the exterior clean and litter free?

All of the winning businesses keep their properties meticulously clean. A good example is Kentucky Fried Chicken on Highway 84. Often, fast food restaurants can have a lot of litter left in their parking lots from customers who ought to know better, but KFC does a great job of having an attractive landscape.

Is the landscape well maintained?

All winners make sure the lawns are mowed and the plantings are trimmed and weeded. Some winners like Parker’s have maintenance crews, while some like The Bennett Insurance Office on Highway 84 are cared for by the owners. The attention to detail is obvious either way.

Is the building exterior attractive and not in need of repair?

If the buildings are not maintained well, nominees don’t get selected. Harbor Bay Car Wash in Midway is a well-maintained facility.

Is the frontage property mowed and litter-free? Is the sidewalk and parking area clean and maintained? Are attractive plantings decorating the exterior?

This is probably the area that separates the winning selections from the other nominees. We are fortunate that many businesses in our community maintain their sidewalks and parking areas daily. Thank goodness for the ones who do and even collect offensive cigarette litter as well. However, the winners invariably take it further. Their plantings go beyond basic shrubs. The winners, like The Coastal Bank and The Heritage Bank, have eye-catching landscapes that set their nominations apart.

Have they recently upgraded or renovated?

This could be a simple paint job, a full-scale renovation or a new building. At times, the winners have been in new locations, like Island Realty in Midway. Their property on Highway 84 is an attractive addition to a gateway to our community. South East Auto, a past winner, added fencing and spruced up their area to create an attractive appearance.

Is the entryway inviting?

Some downtown businesses or shopping centers have little or no lawn or area for plantings. Some use potted plants at the entry or window boxes of flowers or greenery if there is a front window. Using attractive awnings also is an eye-catcher.

Is the business a good citizen that works to maintain the roadway or frontage of their property?

When the judging is close, we consider if the business has been active in community cleanup efforts or other litter prevention or beautification projects.

Nomination forms are available at Keep Liberty Beautiful by calling 880-4888 or emailing, or at the local Liberty County Chamber of Commerce at 368-04445 or Remember: Your reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging of the awards, so explain why this business is deserving of this recognition.

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