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Couple celebrates 62 years together
Albert Sr. and Harriet Anderson Greene wed in 1952
Albert Greene Sr. and Harriet Anderson Greene of Sunbury have kept their marriage going for 62 years. - photo by Photo provided.

After 62 years, she still is a blushing bride, and he still is her knight in shining armor.
They were both 19 when they were married; today, lifelong Sunbury residents Albert Greene Sr. and Harriett Anderson Greene both are 81. They were married Aug. 2, 1952, at the courthouse in Hinesville, the year Dwight Eisenhower became president at the age of 62. Songs like “Unforgettable” by Nate King Cole, “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong, and “Be My Life’s Companion” were popular, according to
The Greenes still are in love. Both have youthful appearances and are in good health. They are the proud parents of five children (two boys and three girls) and also have 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.  
Despite retiring nine years ago as a foreman from Carson Products after 26 years, Albert still works in Savannah as a line operator at Strength of Nature Cosmetics. Harriet worked as a cashier at Jim’s Grocery in Midway. He said he likes to restore washing machines and dryers, travel, keep the yard clean and help people.
Harriett said she loves to read, ride the bicycle, do Bible puzzles, grow plants and cook. Steak, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese are some of her favorite dishes.
“I like everything she cooks — except the squash and pig feet,” Albert said with a chuckle.   
The Greenes also love to travel together as a family.  
“We have travelled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Virginia; Key West, Daytona Beach and Destin, Florida; and the Bahamas twice. We enjoy taking family trips,” Harriett Greene said.
When asked what makes their marriage successful, Harriet said that they compromise.  
“If we have problems, we talk and work them out. I try to stay in my lane and let him have his space,” she said.
Albert said you can’t change a person.  
“You have to let them be who they are. Don’t argue. Let everything go smoothly. If things don’t go right, get in the car or motorcycle. I used to have a motorcycle,” he said.
Harriet’s advice to young couples is to spend quality time with each other so you will know what each other like. She said the woman has to do most of the pleasing.
“The husband should try to do what makes his wife happy and comfortable. What she wants, I try to get for her,” Albert said.   
He said he loves everything about his wife. “She has my food and clothes ready. I have no complaints.”
Albert is a deacon at his daughter’s church, Mount Zion Outreach Center in Midway, and Harriet is an usher. She said her favorite Scripture is Psalm 23 and favorite songs are “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” and “What a Mighty God We Serve.” Deacon Greene’s favorite verse is Genesis 1:1, and his favorite song is “I Am a Living Testimony.”
Granddaughter Deidre Greene said they have positively influenced her life.  
“To see them stay married for 62 years is encouraging. It lets you know that love still exists, and you just have to find the right one that you can grow with, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” she said.
Every third Sunday evening, the family gathers at the Greenes’ home for dinner. Harriet said they also have an annual back-to-school trip.
Albert said the family provides all these good things that happen.  
“It doesn’t cost us anything, and I appreciate it. I have some lovely, sweet grandchildren. I have a wonderful family,” he said.
In 1978, when Congress recognized the first Sunday in September after Labor Day as  National Grandparents Day, it likely was because of grandparents like the Greenes.  
“I pray a lot for my family,” Harriett said.

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