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Ethanol representative speaks to Rotary
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Lamar DeLoach from East Coast Ethanol - photo by Alena Parker / Coastal Courier
Lamar DeLoach from East Coast Ethanol cleared up some of the growing misconceptions about the popular renewable fuel source May 20 during the weekly meeting of the Hinesville Rotary Club.
DeLoach explained that potential exists to produce 36 billion gallons of ethanol by 2022, compared with the 34 billion gallons of foreign oil the nation imports each year.
"So the next 10 to 20 years, we could actually do away with those that don't like us, that are a threat to our national security, by creating our own fuel," he said.
According to DeLoach, present environmental conditions have given the nation no choice but to consider conservative energy alternatives such as earth-friendly ethanol.  
The production of a pound of paper requires about 1,000 gallons of water while the production of the same amount of ethanol requires three gallons of water, DeLoach explained.
Since ethanol is a renewable resource, its production would lower the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
DeLoach also said one by-product of ethanol processing is made into "one of the finest feeds" for farm animals.
Most gas stations already have started selling gas with up to ten percent ethanol blended in, according to DeLoach.
"Ethanol is going to have its niche in the marketplace," he said. "Gas companies are slowly coming around."
East Coast Ethanol has production facilities in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas.
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