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All hope is not lost
In the pulpit
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No matter what hardships may come, no matter how impossible a situation seems, I want you to know there is always hope.
Many things that happened last year caused people to feel helpless and despondent, but despite those adversities and obstacles, today is a new day and we are three days into a new year.
2010 holds promise for greater things to come. Last year, the nation seemed to face adversity at every turn. Listening to political pundits and newscasters deliver the daily news, at times it felt like things would never improve. Day after day, newspapers, radio programs and television newscasts were blanketed in negativity.
The economy worsened. More service members died in the line of duty. Hard-working people lost their jobs, homes and savings accounts.
Also in 2009, the political, religious and entertainment arenas were rocked by several unexpected deaths. In June, Michael Jackson died, shocking fans around the world. Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite (who reported the news with such decorum and objectivity that he was known as “Uncle Walt”), Patrick Swayze, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jack Kemp, Paul Harvey, Don Hewitt, Billy Mays and many others did not live to see 2010. Oral Roberts, a legendary spiritual leader, died in December.
But amid the suffering and sorrow of 2009, many good things happened. While many cities and counties dealt with major economic upheavals, Liberty County was fortunate. Our unemployment rate is better than that of other cities. We don’t have the nation’s longest unemployment lines or thousands of people sleeping in the streets.
No major hurricanes ripped the country apart during storm season. And although the war continues, no lives were lost to major terrorist bombings on American soil.  
“We still witness God’s new mercies every day” (Lamentations 3:22-23). We know that with God, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. The economy is going to rebound — it has already begun.
Don’t ever give up or succumb to despair, because there is hope. Keep a positive attitude and trust the one who is really in charge.
Have a happy New Year.
Anderson is the author of “Lack of Knowledge” and “Dare to Soar.”
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