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Always live a life of consistency
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This may be the last time you ever hear me talk about Tim Tebow, but there is a final word for now.
When the Denver Broncos were winning games while he was quarterback, a lot of folks were writing and talking about the man, mostly in a positive manner. When under his leadership they won over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, people went wild and Tim was a hero to many. Now that they have lost, many will jump off of that wagon to another one.
What was so great to me about the man was not the winning of games but his consistent character traits. What makes a person of great character is not how they react to winning, but more importantly how they react to losing.
I have seen players, as well as coaches, be men and women of character when winning but start cussing, as well as fighting among themselves, when losing. Tebow is the same, win or lose, showing that faith in Christ can make a difference.
Consistency as a Christian doesn’t come from good intentions but from surrender to the lordship of Christ. It all starts with making a decision to be a Christ follower, then as you grow in your faith you see a need for complete surrender.
Then you can start each day with a fresh surrender to the will of God and become a man or woman of character.

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