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'Angels All Around'
Dr. Tom Smiley preaches. - photo by Photo provided.
I discovered that penning a second book was far easier than the first one, partly because of what I learned in the first process — the process of dealing with editing, publishing, marketing and such — but more so because of the themes and content.
My first book, “Runaway Lives: Overcoming Emotional Undercurrents,” documents real-life experiences and challenges and provides, in a Biblical context, solutions to the undercurrents of our lives.  Writing it was an enjoyable adventure, for the most part, as I learned that the role of a published author also has emotional undercurrents. Imagine that. I experienced first-hand what I was attempting to address for other Christ-followers!
My second book, “Angels All Around,” flowed freely from my pen because it is based on experiences of my 30-year ministry. It shares stories from ordinary people who witnessed angels in their own lives, tells the truth and verification of guardian angels and much more.
We are fascinated with angels. We read about them, tell stories about them, write songs about them and watch television and movies about them.  
Do we know from where angels come? Do we know what their real purpose is? Do we know the difference between demons and angels and whether a Christian can be possessed by demons? Do we understand the role of angels following the death of a Christ-follower? Are there really guardian angels out there?
 “Angels All Around” is about reaching your potential as a Christian and fully knowing that God wants you to do just that. God may send an angel to help you — sometimes you may realize it, sometimes not right away — but He does send angels our way. This book is also formatted for optional Bible study; personal study questions are at the end of each chapter.
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Smiley is senior pastor of Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville and a native of Liberty County. He has been a pastor for 30 years.
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