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Be content with all God has given
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Only 62 more shopping days until Christmas! Can you believe it? Do you have your list made yet?
When my mom was living, it would not be surprising for her to call me at this time of year and tell me her Christmas shopping was done. Kind of gives you a warm feeling, doesn’t it? Of course, it’s probably heartburn.
Anyway, we all know the true meaning of Christmas, right? It’s to go spend as much money as possible buying things. We don’t necessarily need all of those things, but you have to buy them. After all, it’s patriotic to do so. Give that economy a kick start. Keep up with the Joneses. It’s the American way.
Except for one little problem: Too many times our Christmas and birthday and other shopping is not based on what we need. Rather, it is based on discontent. In many ways, modern advertisement exists to create within us that lack of contentment. We are told that we can be better and do better if we only buy the product.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I will buy and give gifts in a couple of months, and I will enjoy doing so. I love to see the faces of my sons, even though both are now adults themselves, when they open what I bought them. It brings me joy. And I have to be honest. I like getting something from others.
But the Bible definitely has something to say about this issue. One of the Ten Commandments is simply, “Do not covet.” We also see a more positive approach in Philippians 4:11 where Paul wrote, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”
Keep this in mind: Paul was in prison when he wrote those words. He knew that it was possible that he would soon be executed. And yet he spoke of being content no matter what. That is an amazing attitude to have. No matter what comes my way, no matter what I have, no matter what life throws at me, I will be content.
Why could Paul say that? Because he realized that there was more to life than what he could see. He had already said, “For me to live is Christ, but for me to die is gain.”
He knew God had a reward waiting for him. He knew his suffering was temporary. He knew that would win, and that God would share that win with His children.
Are you content in life? Or are you continually pursuing the next dream? God has given to us all that we need. Let’s thank Him for what we have, and let’s be content. Let’s find our satisfaction in Him. He is the only one who can truly satisfy.

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