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Being Christian is like firefighting
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The other day, I went by one of the local volunteer fire stations and noticed a lot of vehicles there at what I presumed was a regular training session.
These men and women are to be commended for their passion and willingness to serve our great community. I believe their primary responsibility is to put out fires; the job of rescuing people from these fires also can come into play. They especially are appreciated when they have to show up either at our homes or those of the people we love.
As a pastor, my mind went to the idea that, as Christians, we are, in essence, firefighters. First of all, the Bible teaches that for all who do not follow Jesus Christ, there is a destination described as a place of eternal fire. When we are used to lead someone to Christ, then in a sense we are rescuing them from this eternal fire. In Jude 1:23, we are told to “snatch others from the fire and save them.”
Also, we are to be a kind of peacemaker to help put out fires. In Proverbs 15:1, we are told that “a gentle word turns away wrath,” and in Matthew 5:9, we are told that we will be known as the children of God by our being peacemakers. In almost every situation, we have a choice of putting water on the fire or adding fuel.
When people become Christians, they are, in essence, volunteering to be firefighters. Let us train well.

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