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Benefits abound for those who choose God's way
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Recently I saw a commercial from an insurance company that indicated you can create your own policy and kind of name your own price.
They make it seem you are somehow getting this great discount by doing so. In reality you end up getting what you pay for and nothing more, but there may be more freedom for the customer in way of choices.
This is close to the Burger King commercial that stated, “Have it your way,” meaning you can choose which condiments you want on your burger.
Many companies have policies that cater to the consumer. But the Bible teaches us that it ain’t so in regards to salvation offered by God; it’s not “have it your way” but “it’s only my way.”
In other words, we can’t customize our own plan in regards to our relationship with God. The Bible teaches us that Jesus, the Son of God, is the only way to get to the Father. Mankind doesn’t have the luxury of choosing which road to take, but God has laid out a plan that is designed for the good of mankind.
There are many benefits that come from choosing God’s way, and there are consequences as a result of rejecting God’s way.
The good news is that we all can choose God’s way and can experience all the good things God has in store for us. And we can avoid the horrible consequences that come from rejecting God’s way.
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