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Blind but still doing God's work
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We often allow things or conditions to hinder us from accomplishing tasks or assignments in life. Sometimes, we use these situations as a crutch to complain and keep from doing what we are supposed to do.
Blindness, however, has not kept Pastor Edgar Timmons from performing his God assigned duties.
“I have been blind for six years,” Timmons said. “My blindness presented a challenge to me to continue the ministry. Through Christ, I have overcome barriers. God has helped me to be effective despite my blindness. I use it to encourage others to work in their ministries and walk in their calling.”
Technology has helped the pastor.
“I have a computer that talks and reads for me,” he said.
Timmons attended the Savannah Association for the Blind and received additional training in Augusta at the Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Center.
He has been in the ministry for 26 years and has served as a pastor for 25 years. He currently pastors the 140-year-old First African Baptist Church in Harris Neck, the 106-year-old Riceboro Baptist Church and the 60-year-old New Anderson Grove Baptist Church in Riceboro. His first pastorship was with True Love Missionary Baptist Church in Savannah.
Timmons said he is inspired when souls come to Christ and lives are changed.
“I am blessed when I see families grow stronger in their relationship with one another and in the church as they grow in Christ.
“We have various activities at the churches to keep the family together. I encourage family time. We have Friends and Family Day, and we invite families to sit together in church.”
Timmons’ churches are planning to have more family entertainment outside the walls of the church.
“We are trying to reach our youths. I am trying to get them to see the plan the enemy has in place for them. I want them to understand that even as young people, God has a purpose for their lives and can use them to bring other young people to Christ,” the pastor said.
Timmons credits the Rev. Henry Boles and Pastor William Daniels with impacting his life.
“As a young minister, they took me under their wings. They taught me the role of pastoring, how to be a good pastor.  They have always been there for me to talk with. They are great role models.
“Ministers must love God’s people and be strong in the Lord. They must be students of the Word,” Timmons said. “We must pray and work for unity and peace; we are the light of the world.”
Despite his blindness, Timmons also serves as the moderator of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Association and Sunday School in Riceboro. The association is comprised of five churches.
“I have been the moderator for three years.”
Timmons has been married for 38 years to Carolyn Timmons. They are the parents of two children and two grandchildren. Carolyn Timmons is a paraprofessional in McIntosh County. The Timmons live in Harris Neck.
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