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Build your Christmas traditions
pastor corner

Most families have traditions, some that have been passed down from generation to generation, while others start fresh with them.

For instance, my kids and their families come over almost every Sunday for lunch. Both my wife and my children thought it important for families to get together on a regular basis and we are continuing this tradition.

Some families take vacation together every year while others have annual family reunions. Some families meet as a big group for Christmas Eve, while others meet on Christmas Day, while yet others decide to just keep these times for their individual households, making this a tradition.

One tradition that I think is neat and meaningful is the practice of families worshiping together at a Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day service.

This year, at least for us at New Beginnings, we will offer opportunities for both, since Christmas comes on Sunday. We do need to remember that Christmas was started as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and what better way to observe it when it comes on Sunday.

If you are a Christian family, then you probably already have a tradition of coming together for worship at Christmastime.

But if you are not, what a time to start a new tradition. You would be in good company, like the shepherds who experienced their first Christmas celebration.

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