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Come forth, invest in God
Pastor's corner
1025 Lucile Smiley
By Dr. Lucile Smiley - photo by Photo provided.
Prayer is special. Prayer is unique. Prayer is communion. Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire uttered or expressed unto God, through Jesus Christ, His son.
Prayer must be a pri-ority in the lives of God’s people because Jesus himself gave us the mandate to pray in Luke 18:1. Jesus wanted His followers to pray continually to accomplish God’s will in their lives.
It is time for us to come and really invest in the Lord’s kingdom. How are we going to do this? We can invest through sincere communication to God through Jesus. It is important to seek His guidance through prayer. Jesus teaches us and orders our steps that we may walk worthy in our calling.
The faithful must invest in God’s priority prayer plan, because prayer in itself is an investment in helping to build God’s kingdom. As we strive daily to invest through prayer, the more we can expect to receive His benefits. Investing in God, who owns everything, is the decision of a very wise person. The spiritual riches you will receive will be awesome.
Come and take part in God’s plan and receive the harvest that is laid out for you. To receive, you must express your support through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He will teach us how to become a part of the Father’s kingdom — through prayer, communing with God, striving for intimacy and ascending to the level of phenomenal returns.
As we strive and pray constantly, consistently and earnestly, our communication with God will transform us and bathe us in His love. Remember to pray. Yes, invest in God. He has invested in you.

Smiley is a minister with Trinity Missionary Baptist Temple, where Dr. Jimmie Smiley is pastor.
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