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Come to God like a child
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Every Sunday morning in our church, we have a time that we call, “Children’s Time.” The boys and girls from about ages 3-8 come forward and gather around me while I tell them a Bible story, and try to apply it to their lives.  
Some churches refer to this as “The Children’s Sermon.” But I have a secret I will share with you: We could call it “Pastor Brad’s Time,” because in so many ways these few minutes make up the highlight of my week. What a joy it is to see the looks of wonder on the faces of the little ones while I tell them about Jesus’ love for them.
Jesus once rebuked his disciples and the rest of the people around him for trying to “shoo” the children away from him. Their thinking was that Jesus was way too busy with important matters of life to deal with children.
But Jesus would have none of it. He declared, “Leave the children alone, and let them come to me.” That would have been great news had he stopped there.
But the Lord went even further. He said, “for such is the kingdom of heaven.”  
Just what did Jesus mean by that? Children are the kingdom of heaven … or they make up the children of heaven. What could that possibly mean?
Well, we should always interpret Scripture with Scripture, so we need to consider other words Jesus spoke. He also said that unless we come as children, we will not see the kingdom. So are these ideas related?
I think that they are. Here’s what I believe the Lord was teaching us in these two texts. He is not saying that we are to be childish. Lord knows there is more than enough childish behavior in the world today, including in the church.  
But he says that we are to be “child-like.” Here is what I think our Savior means by that. Children are full of wonder and faith. They have not grown jaded by disappointment and frustration. They have a simple kind of faith in God. They simply believe that God will do what he has promised to do. And so they trust in him.  
I want to have that kind of faith. But I admit that it is hard. When life is crumbling around you, it is hard to trust. But it is in these moments that we most need to trust the Lord.
Is your faith child-like? Can I encourage you to put your complete trust in the Lord? He really is good. He wants the best for you. He can be trusted.
I suppose I could give you advice all day long, but the best word I can share with you is this: Trust in the Lord, for he is good.  

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