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Come to life spiritually through Jesus
pastor corner

There is a TV show called “The Walking Dead” that is popular among many. It is about people who die from a virus but come back to life changed individuals — but not for the good of humanity.
Thankfully, this is fictional and not happening for real.
The truth of the matter is that according to the Bible, there actually are people who are walking around dead. Not doing all the things in the TV show, but these people are for real. In Ephesians 2:1, we are told that before a person makes a decision to be a Christ follower, they are dead spiritually, living lives of disobedience, meaning that they have no hope of changing on their own. Society never can come up with a cure or vaccine.
The good news is that there is hope, but only through Christ, who can come into a person’s life and radically change them — and this change is for the good of humanity. Second Corinthians 5:17 tells us we can become a new creation in which the old life is gone and a new life has come. This cure is for anyone who wants to change.

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