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Dedicated to helping people
In the pulpit
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As a minister of the gospel, the Rev. Luke Lawhon loves to tell people the good news about Jesus Christ.
Lawhon lives to help people. In his spiritual walk, Lawhon shares the word of God to help others make good decisions. As an installer with A Plus Alarm Technology in Hinesville, Lawhon secures houses and protects their owners.
 “I have been in the ministry since 1996, and served as an associate pastor in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York,” Lawhon said.
A native of Texas, Lawhon served in the military and attended seminary in Washington and Brooklyn after his tour of duty.
“In seminary, I studied various Bible courses and psychology,” said Lawhon, who moved to Liberty County in 2005.
“I was under the ministry of Pastor Ron Dennis, who serves as the national apostle for the House of Prayer. I served under his leadership in Washington.
“Pastor Dennis started the prayer force movement. It is not restricted to denominations. It is about people going back to the power of prayer and living right. The backbone of a free society is prayer,” Lawhon said.
He is currently a member of the House of Prayer on Airport Road, under the leadership of Pastor Arlen Braiden.
“Pastor Braiden was my Pastor in 1991 when I was at Fort Hood, Texas. He is a pioneer and a man of prayer. He helps to establish churches. Prayer grows the church,” Lawhon said.
“We are very big on prayer and evangelism. I am a soul winner and love inviting people to Christ,” he said. Lawhon described his church as an old-fashioned Holy Ghost-filled church with a growing membership whose parishioners are determined to live right. House of Prayer also has a Hispanic ministry that meets Saturday nights.
Lawhon said he enjoys his job as an installer and loves meeting new people.
“I have been an installer with A Plus Alarm since July 2008. As you install the security system, I get a chance to witness.”
Lawhon said he loves to sing. His favorite song is “He is an on Time God.”
“My favorite scripture is Psalm 91. It is a psalm of protection. I also play the guitar a little,” Lawhon said.
Although he is only 35, Lawhon has traveled, seen a lot and lived many experiences. Lawhon said his advice to young people can be found in Ecclesiastes 12, verse 1: “Seek thy God in the days of thy youth when the evil days come not.”
Lawhon and his wife, Rode, have three children, ages 2, 4 and 9. In his spare time, Lawhon said he enjoys gardening.
“I like to grow things and like to see them grow.”
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