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Do all dogs really to to Heaven?
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I know that there was a movie that had such a title, but I don’t believe it had a source backing it up as truth.
The Bible, which is the only reliable truth source that I’m aware of, says very little about animals and nothing about their future life.
I do know one of the prophets of the Old Testament – I believe referring to a future kingdom – talks about the lion lying down with the lamb. It doesn’t say where the animals came from, nor does it give us an exhaustive list.
I do know God must have some positive feelings towards animals in that he preserved pairs of them from the flood that destroyed the earth.
The reason I even started thinking about this issue is because the other day, our dog of more than 11 years passed away. I knew she had been getting old and tired, and she just lay around recently.
I got home after dark and noticed that she was not lying in one of her normal spots, so I got a flash light and proceeded in searching for her. I found her lying at the side of the house and immediately noticed that she was close to death. I rubbed her head and told her how good of a dog she had been and that it was alright for her to go.
A few hours later she breathed her last. I also caught myself praying to my heavenly Father, letting him know, as if he needed me to inform him, that Sandy had been a faithful companion to our family, and that I didn’t know how this all worked out with animals, but that he would remember her.
This may sound silly to many of you but some will understand. No matter what the future holds for our pets, we can be thankful that God created them for our enjoyment and in many cases companionship. For some, there is a grief so heavy they need to lean on the Lord for comfort, but God is faithful.
Do all dogs go to heaven? I don’t know, but I do know every person can if they put their trust in Christ.

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