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Don't forget to thank God
In the pulpit
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O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
— Psalm 107:1

This week, millions of people will travel across this country just to be home for the Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving is a time to come together for fellowship with family and friends, a time of love and unity.
In the midst of all the festivities and delicious food, let us not forget to give God thanks for the many wonderful things He has done. We live in a great country and are a blessed people. In spite of how the economy may look, we are still blessed.
Just as the Pilgrims first paused to give thanks for their bountiful blessings during their first Thanksgiving celebration, we, too, must be thankful. We have so much for which to be grateful.
Since there are only 38 more days remaining in 2008, the vast majority of us have celebrated a birthday this year. That is certainly something to give God thanks for. He allowed us see another birthday. We have family members who have celebrated another birthday; another reason to be thankful.
Most of you who are married enjoyed another wedding anniversary. Each year you experience more happiness and peace. Aren’t you grateful?
Some of you might be wondering why should you give thanks. This year was not so great. Groceries, utilities and medical expenses are rising. Gasoline is still high. Everyday the economy seems to plummet more and more. So many people are losing their jobs, homes, and retirement pensions.
Property taxes are sky high and due in a few months. Mortgage payments keep increasing; the cost of life, health, and home insurance is escalating; and the cost of a college education for the children is becoming unaffordable.
Things may not be exactly the way you think they should be, but nevertheless, give God thanks. The Bible says we are to give thanks unto the Lord. He is a good God and his mercy endures forever. No matter how the situation might look, your situation could be worse, and there are others whose situation is so much bleaker than yours.
Many people, especially children, are starving to death every day. Some are living in war torn countries and are being killed and maimed on a daily basis. They have learned to live with bombs exploding leaving people devastated. Natural disasters are forcing people from their homes and causing their homes to be destroyed.
In Liberty County, we are not experiencing those things. War is not ravishing this county.  While many people have lost their homes, Liberty County does not have a situation wherein homeless people are standing at every corner. Children are not dying of starvation.  The good far outweighs any negative situation.
Therefore, be thankful for all God has done, and in the midst of giving God thanks, reach out and help someone else. Someone may not have a family in the area to celebrate the holidays with. Someone may have lost a job and doesn’t have the money to buy groceries.  There are people in need of food and clothing, so God has blessed you to help them.
Make sure your church or organization gives Thanksgiving boxes or prepares meals to help those who may be experiencing difficulty. We give thanks and show thanks by giving back.
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