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Evidence of a changed life
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The other day my wife came running to me from outside the house and wanted me to hear some birds in the trees talking to one another – that is, in bird talk.
When I stepped outside, I noticed that there were several turkey vultures that were making noises towards a couple of crows. Through experience I have learned that when a bunch of vultures gather, usually there is something dead close by. I didn’t see anything dead laying in the yard, but the next morning I followed an odor to an open water valve hole near the road where an opossum had fallen in and couldn’t get out.
What I am trying to say is that the birds were evidence that helped me find the dead animal.
This reminded me of how we need to be the evidence for unbelievers to find Christ. We need to ask ourselves a couple of questions. First, “Are we around unbelievers so that we can be that evidence?” Jesus made it very clear to His disciples that they were not to be like the world, but they needed to be in the world. How can we influence non-Christians if we keep off to ourselves?
Secondly, we need to ask ourselves this question: “If Christianity became illegal, would there be enough evidence to convict us?” If we do not walk the talk, there is no evidence of a transformed life that comes from deciding to be a follower of Christ.
We need to understand that there are those who are seeking for evidence of a true God who loves them and cares for them. The big question for us is: do they find it in us?

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