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Faith is not a new concept
Pastor's corner
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We heard it, we’ve seen it, we’ve called for it, voted for it, and some have accepted it. The “It” I’m talking about is change. This week started with some historic and powerful events. On Tuesday, we heard our new president say, “Change has come to America.” This is an exciting and powerful statement.
I just want to tell you that this is a true statement — in fact, much change has come to America during the 495 years since it was discovered in 1513 (IAW I can also tell you that change has been a part of our world for more than 2,000 years now — since Jesus’ time.
Scientists tell us that change actually came to the universe more than 30 billion years ago. Change is not new.
My Bible tells me of the first change. In Genesis 1:1 we find, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” God made a change. I know this is a different way of looking at this scripture, but it is true no matter how you look at it. Change is not only an action — it represents a difference. Change can be anything from an attitude to a way of life. Change can be positive or negative, accepted or not accepted. Change can be a new way. Change can be the result of knowledge, experience, wisdom, and/or the impact of our actions and inactions.
When are we going to change our way of life? Change has been preached so many times since the beginning of time. When are you going to take an active part in the changes in your life?
Make a choice between life or death. One important thing we must remember is this: You cannot change by yourself. God can help you change. All you have to do is ask him to help you. Just as he created the heavens and Earth for us, he can do something as simple as help us change. What is impossible for man is not impossible for God. With God on your side, why are you waiting to make a change?
Thank God for you and yours, and remember this year, “we’ve got to do more” to be blessed.

Andrews is the president of The United Ministerial Alliance of Liberty County and a member of Mt. Carmel Ministries. He can be reached at
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