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Find purpose and peace in the Lord
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We have had some rather extreme weather in this calendar year. Back in the winter it rained and rained, and then rained some more. Then during the summer the heat was absolutely intense, and we had long periods where there was no rain.
During those times of drought, I would often look in the sky to see clouds. And I would be hopeful. Often, I would whisper a prayer, “Dear Lord, send us some rain.” And there were times when my prayers were answered just as I had hoped.
But there were also times when the clouds didn’t produce rain. They were clouds without water.
That’s a phrase found in the Bible. In the short letter of Jude, verse 12, the author described a group of men who were “clouds without water.” What do you suppose he meant by that phrase? That’s not a normal description for a person.
I think I know exactly what Jude meant in that text. He was saying that this particular group of people was not fulfilling its purpose in life. They were not doing what they were intended to do.
I recently read that human beings are the only creatures on earth that fail to do what they were made to do. Lions and tigers do what lions and tigers do. It is their nature. They hunt and they prowl. They act like lions and tigers. Elephants and giraffes are the same way. They do what elephants and giraffes were created to do. They act like elephants and tigers.
But sometimes human beings – men, women, boys and girls – do not do what we were created to do. Sometimes we do the very things that harm us. We put things in our bodies, or do things that were never intended to be a part of our lifestyle. We hurt ourselves and others. But we were never intended to do that.
It has been said that, “The chief aim of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” In other words, God made us for himself.
We fully find ourselves as we do what God made us to do. He made us to serve and worship. We are to serve the Lord and to serve each other. We will never be fully satisfied or at peace until we find and fill the purpose for which we were made.
The fact is that people are constantly looking for peace and contentment. We want to be satisfied. But we keep looking in the wrong places.
The Lord is the one who will give us what we truly need. Let’s find our purpose and our peace in him. There is no better way.
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