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Find your spiritual gift, put it to use
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I love music. I have rather eclectic tastes in music, but one thing I enjoy in all music genres is harmony.
Harmony is when more than one note is played or sung at the same time, but those notes blend to make a pleasing sound. My wife, a music teacher, might have a more technical definition, but this is my column, so there you have it.
You can find harmony in such a variety of musical styles. Gospel quartets have great harmony. Other groups I have enjoyed run the gamut from the Mills Brothers to the Mamas and the Papas to Boyz II Men. When voices and notes blend, the harmony is simply beautiful.
I see the need for such harmony in the church. Paul wrote in Romans 12:16, “Live in harmony with one another.” What does that say to us? It is a reminder that we all play different notes, but they sound wonderful when blended together.
Each believer has at least one spiritual gift, and when used in harmony within a church family, that church will accomplish the purposes for which it was founded.
In high school, I played the tenor saxophone. I was no Boots Randolph, but I was pretty good for a high school sophomore.
I was practicing “The Star Spangled Banner” one night in my room when my dad stopped at the door to listen. “What you playing?” he asked.
“The national anthem,” I replied.
I’ll never forget the puzzled look on his face. His only response was, “Really?”
I really wasn’t that bad.
You see, the tenor saxophone does not have the melody on most songs. That is usually reserved for the trumpets in most marching bands, although most instruments get some chance to shine.
What I was playing sounded nothing like our national anthem. But when I played it with the other band members, the blend was very pretty. We actually sounded pretty good.
When different Christians use their gifts to serve the Lord, it is much like a band or an orchestra. Your gift alone may not sound like the song that you thought you were playing. Your gift may be a background gift. You may be supplying the harmony for those who are out front.
But, oh, the harmony that you can add. What a beautiful sound it must be in the ears of God.
I want to encourage you to do two things. Discover your spiritual gift. Use your spiritual gift.
Whether you are in the lead or following, whether you have the melody or the harmony, do what you have been called and gifted to do. You can make beautiful music if you do so.

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