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God creates the wonder in everything
pastor corner

I have a new computer. It is a laptop and literally is the size of the leather binder I carry in my book satchel. It is only a pound or so in weight.
There is no doubt that this little wonder is going to help me be more efficient in writing and communicating with others … in time. But at the moment, not so much.
I often have joked that I prefer a laptop computer to a desktop computer because when I get mad, I can get much more distance with the laptop. I assure you that that really is a joke — I would not throw it. But I have to admit that the thought has crossed my feeble mind. These time-saving machines that make life so much more convenient also can be the cause of many headaches and heartaches.
I have seen the development and evolution of the computer in my lifetime. When I went to college, they had a “computer room.” I was privileged to visit this room that was about 15 feet by 15 feet in size.  The entire room was filled to capacity with a machine that was loud and — by today’s standards — rather inefficient. It was incapable of storing 10 percent of the information that you now have in your cellphone.  
The developments and advances made in technology over the last few years and decades have been exponential. Whether it is the phone, television, automobile or computer itself, we have the ability to do so many things that once seemed to be dreamlike. Do you realize that people operate the security systems and thermostats in their homes using their cellphones? You can be in another state and control the temperature in your home.  
They call them smartphones. I think that, in itself, is a cruel joke, because I have always thought of myself as rather intelligent. But my smartphone has me at its mercy. I often wonder at the imagination and intellect of those who invented these wonders.
And yet, I am reminded that the God of the universe is far more intelligent and wise than even the smartest of those responsible for the latest in technology. In the Bible, God says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways.” A gentle reminder that we do not measure up to the one who created all that exists.  
Psalm 8 is another reminder that God is far greater than we are, and that he is worthy of our praise and wonder. How much happier we are when we acknowledge this truth. God’s greatness is matched only by his goodness. As marvelous as he is, he loves us. That is a wonder that stretches the imagination.  
I hope you will enjoy that love today.

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