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God is still in healing business
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At the beginning of this summer, I got a call from my sister concerning my favorite uncle who lives in Indiana. He had been battling cancer and had taken several chemotherapy treatments.
My sister informed me that he was taken to the hospital because the chemo treatments had severely damaged his heart and the cancer that had been in remission was back. A few days later, she called me once again to tell me that he had taken a turn for the worse and that he was so weak he could not communicate.
The next day the family was told that he could not make it through the night and it would take a miracle as significant as the raising of Lazarus for him to survive. I called on a speaker phone to pray with him with no response on the other end, and my church was praying regularly for him. My wife and I made preparations to drive up for the funeral.
The next morning I anticipated a call from my sister; receiving none, I called her around 9. She told me some amazing news – my uncle was up eating breakfast.
The first thing out of his mouth was, “The Lord and I had a good talk last night and He said He was going to give me a couple more years.”
He still was operating on 20 percent of his heart but left the hospital to go to a rehabilitation home after about a week. He was home for good in about six weeks and in another month was driving his car. Did I mention that he is 83 years old?
I went up to see him in July, and when I got there he was working in his shop. I asked how he was doing, and my aunt said that it would be just a matter of time according to the doctors. Either the weak heart would stop or the cancer would get him.
At the end of August he went and had a complete body scan, and guess what? There was no cancer to be found.
I just got another card from my aunt and uncle this week saying that my uncle just had a PET scan thinking he might have lymphoma. The results again came back negative. God is good and still in the healing business.
God, indeed, just might give him another couple of years.

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