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God must be the power source
pastor corner

I had not driven my truck since nearly a week before Christmas. First I had surgery and was not allowed to drive, and then we travelled to see family for a few days. Finally, a couple of days ago I was going to take a trip to town.

My first problem was that my remote would not open the door, so I used the key to unlock it. But then the engine would not so much as turn over. I tried to jump start it, and even put a charger on the battery. The bottom line is pretty simple. The old battery was dead. It would have to be replaced.

It’s funny. Nothing else on the truck seems to be broken or not working. The motor, the air conditioning, the radio, the power locks and the steering system are in good condition. But without the battery I could get none of that other stuff to operate. The power source was essential.

I think too often that we seek to operate our churches and our Christian lives without the main power source. In our churches we can have well-prepared sermons and Bible studies. Our musicians are professional, and our singers are gifted with marvelous voices. We have buildings equipped with the latest and greatest audio-visual systems and lighting.

And yet we see no true change in our lives as a result of worship. Could it be that we are depending on our own gifts and personalities? Have we forgotten what matters most?

God said to his children through the prophet, "‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord." That was true in Old Testament times, and it remains true for the church today.

I want to offer you some encouragement. Pray for your church and your pastor every day. Pray for your Sunday school teacher or small group leader. Pray for the rest of the leadership in your church. And pray for other churches in your town and community as well.

We need a move of God in our land. We need true revival. Just as my truck will not run with a dead battery, the church will not be what we should be without the Holy Spirit’s power. Let us pray for God to send his spirit in power to us today.

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