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God will take us from depressed to refreshed
Pastor's corner
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It goes without saying that today, as never before, we are faced with mounting problems and issues that weigh heavily upon us as we struggle just to make it through the day.
These pressures and challenges can lead to bouts of sadness and depression, even in the most stable people. It is good to know that there is relief on the horizon for people who learn to look to a higher source. Surrender yourself fully to this higher power and your needs will be met.
God, of course, is that higher source. In the Bible, 1 Kings 19 tells the story of an Old Testament prophet named Elijah. He was the last person anyone expected to become depressed, but he did. In Elijah’s case, he grew sad after he defeated the prophets of Baal — one of his greatest victories. Elijah received a death threat from Queen Jezebel, which caused him to become despondent. He said he wanted to die.
God came to Elijah’s rescue, as He has for so many others. Let us consider Elijah’s predicament, which God eventually resolved.
First, the Lord did not scold Elijah for his depression. He led the prophet to a special place where a raven — a very unlikely source — provided for Elijah. The raven brought the prophet provisions every morning and afternoon.
Part of seeking relief and
surrendering ourselves to a
higher power means acknowledging that God cares enough for us and will meet our primary physical needs.
Next, God redirected Elijah’s focus. The Lord gave him a new mission.
Often, depressed people feel they’re in a “rut.” We sometimes have to be reminded that we really do count, and we have a lot to offer those around us. So did Elijah.
God gave him someone to train and mentor — to continue the work that God began when he first took Elijah under his wing.
Finally, God reminded Elijah that he was not alone. God promised never to leave or forsake us.  We can look to God as Elijah did. We can also seek solace in our families, friends, neighbors and associates. They will fill the void of loneliness. There will always be someone to encourage us, as long as we let them.
In this time of pressures and challenges, let us remember that God loves us and wants to lead us to a place of relief, where we will receive a vision of Him.

Lockett is the bishop of Pillar of Zion Church in Walthourville.
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