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Holding onto marriage for a lifetime
pastor corner

The Scripture says about marriage, “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
God’s intention and will is that when each member of a couple commits to one another in marriage, they will remain married until “death do us part.”
The truth of the matter is that if a marriage is going to make it, then both parties have to work hard at it. My first recommendation is that husband and wife be committed to following Jesus Christ. The Lord can give you strength and power to be the husband or wife you need to be.
Secondly, I recommend that both parties be totally committed to the relationship. If anyone just wanted to look for a reason to get divorced, it easily can be found. Patience and forgiveness are two virtues that must be present.
Third, I recommend open communication be a regular part of the journey. Be willing to talk about any issue that causes friction in the marriage.
Finally, seek professional counseling in matters that seem to be impossible to resolve on your own. It will be worth all efforts and any amount of money to make a marriage work.  
For the next four Sundays, we will be speaking on a series titled, “Do you want to stay married?” If you are married, hopefully your desire is to stay married for a lifetime. Come and hear how you can have a strong and lasting marriage.

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