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'Homeless cross carrier' bound for salvation
mr Crosscarrier
California native Chuck Johnson carries a cross April 7 while traveling along Highway 84 bound for Savannah. He passed through Liberty and Long counties. Johnson has been walking across the U.S. since 2000 and telling people about Jesus. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
In 1987, Chuck Johnson started walking on weekends and telling others about Jesus.
He would work during the week, and then on the weekends, when others were barbecuing, shopping, or simply taking it easy, he would walk around his hometown of San Jose, Calif. He did this for a number of years and then in 2000, he said, “The Lord told me to sell all my stuff, and give it away, all except for $55.
“I took the money and paid for someone to make a cross for me. It cost $53 and some change. The Lord knew how much I needed,” he said.
Since March 1, 2000, Johnson has been walking across the country full time telling people about Jesus and how to get saved. He calls himself “the homeless cross carrier.”
Johnson also tells others that Jesus always provides for him.
“The Lord always takes care of me, people see me, and stop, and often give a donation. I usually get enough to eat and can find a place to stay.”
Once while walking and carrying the cross, a young driver pulled alongside Johnson and offered him a ride.
“I told him I sure would appreciate the ride but the truck looked like it wouldn’t make it much further,” Johnson said.
Sure enough, the truck broke down a ways down the road. As the men walked towards a gas station, a stranger approached Johnson, who was still carrying his cross.
According to Johnson, the man told him, “Buddy I don’t know you but God is telling me to give you $300.”
Johnson thanked the man and the stranger left. When Johnson and the young driver reached the gas station, they were able to have the attendant tow the broken down truck. The repair bill amounted to just under $300. Johnson paid it.
“I do this all the time, and have been through all the states except Hawaii and Alaska. I do it as a way to tell people about Jesus,” he said.
Johnson, now 45, said he initially carried a cedar cross, but now he carries one made of PVC pipe.
“I’m getting older, and I had to go to a lighter cross,” he said.
Johnson said he has traveled across the country 10 times, and will continue to walk seven days a week. He also is writing a book called, “I Carry the Cross” about his ministry.
Johnson had been on Highway 84 since leaving Dothan, Ala. He passed through Long and Liberty counties April 7 heading to Savannah.
“Once I get to Savannah, I will be heading up North. I try to go through the northern states during the summer,” Johnson said.
“I just want everyone to know that Jesus is there for them. If He will take care of a homeless cross carrier, He will take care of you,” he said.
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