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It's not too late to find 'the one'
In the pulpit
Pastor Larry S. Murray
Larry Murray

Matt 1:20 ... the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

Many are called but few are privileged to be chosen by God for certain assignments from Him with special instructions that will bring glory to Him through their obedience. Being in strict compliance with the word of God without deviating is a special calling. Joseph is one of the few men, along with Hosea, called to marry a woman who became pregnant while engaged. Joseph’s relationship was different from Hosea’s, showing that no two relationships are the same, but all relationships have challenges.
Mary, the mother of Jesus, was found with a child of the Holy Ghost while she was engaged to Joseph, her future husband. In my opinion, this is no doubt the most fascinating story recorded in biblical history. If Mary was living in this present age of technology and television media her story would make every major broadcasting network there is. She would probably be the subject of discussion at every coffee break or social gathering in her city. The number one question at every dinner table would probably be how could she explain this pregnancy and has remained a virgin? What would Joseph think of her when he finds?  How could she prove her innocence to Joseph and others in her community that this pregnancy did not happen out of promiscuity?
People will form their own opinions when they are not privileged to know the truth about you. Today’s younger generation would probably suggest that Mary had been creeping behind Joseph’s back due to the nature of her immaculate conception. Mary’s conception was God’s ideal of reconciling the world back to Himself through a virgin. Mary’s story is not accepted without having faith in God. In order to please God you must have faith in Him and His word. Mary’s conception is difficult to explain without the element of faith and I believe this is another reason why the Bible states that without faith it is impossible to please God.
This biblical account sounds like an episode from the Maury Povich Show, where many young women allow themselves to be exploited, manipulated and controlled by ruthless men in their lives only to discover that the man they were intimate with cares nothing for them. Because of poor judgment, many young women have tied themselves to men who openly degrade, embarrass and deliberately make it they don’t want anything to do with them or their children.
Joseph, on the other hand, was a classic type of guy compared to those on Maury’s show. He was a man of impeccable standards not willing to embarrass Mary and expose their personal business to the public. Every woman needs a man like Joseph. Though he knew he was not the biological father, he loved Mary enough not to discuss their business with the public.
This is a good form of encouragement both to that young lady who had a child out of wedlock and later accepts Christ as her Lord and Savior and now hopes to find a saved man who will accept her as well as her child. The blessing God gives to that man for accepting the child can be manifested later in many ways. The blessing that God gives to the young woman who had a child out of wedlock is a second chance at true love and an answered prayer by sending her someone who loves her and accepts her child. True love will cover a multitude of faults. I encourage everyone who is committed in a covenant relationship to stay true to the call.

Murray is pastor of Fellowship of Love Worship Center COGIC

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